United Nations World Refugee Day

Dear Member Federations,

Today, we celebrate the United Nations World Refugee Day. The United Nations established this day in 2001, to celebrate and recognize the courage and resilience of vast populations that have  been displaced from their homes due to war, disease or environmental degradation. Presently, there are some 70 Million refugees in the World, with 30 Million under the age of 18. The aim for this day is to bring a greater awareness of this social problem that faces all of us.

The IPF welcomes all refugees from around the world to the sport of powerlifting.  The United Nations and the IOC now partner to provide opportunities for many refugees in many parts of the World. The UN recognizes that “sport can be used to promote education, health, development and peace”. The IPF embraces this principle.

Recently, most of us have struggled with the Covid-19  pandemic. Despite this, I ask that you reflect and assist when and where possible refugees in your country. Donations come in many forms – food, clothing, sports equipment, or even just an inspiration note, can make a difference and go a long way. Together we can reshape our World.

Thank you,

Gaston Parage
International Powerlifting Federation

Powerlifting Relation Partner


Official VIP Partner


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