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Dear lifters, officials and member federations,

Last week we learned of the passing of Japanese lifter Manabu Ogata after receiving medical treatment...

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Dear IPF Member Federations,

as per last 4 years, also this year an IPF lifter is nominated for the Ahtlete of the Year Award in the IWGA.
This year...

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IPF Presidents Corner

Dear Member Federation Presidents, Secretary Generals, Lifters and Officials,

First of all I want to thank all those who voted for me for another 4 years to represent the IPF as President.
There is still a lot to do and those who know me very well know that I have already started to work on it.
I have started with our various IPF Commissions, contacting members to determine who is willing to work and who may want to step away so that we can replace them and make sure that our all of our Commissions are working well.
In January we will be working on a new Strategic Plan, one that will take us forward for the next 4 years.
We will install the Rule Group so that in future all rule changes will be decided by the rule group.
We have already added the Chairs from the various Commissions into the Executive Committee to ensure they know what is being discussed in the EC and so that assists them to work well within their commissions.
A lot has been  achieved in the last years of my Presidency and I...

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Regional News

  Regional News

Dear all, the FINAL nominations for the African Championships are live now! You can find them on the EVENTS Page. Lifting schedule can be found HERE.

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Dear all,

The invitation for the African Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships has been uploaded on the Events page, you can find that HERE. This...

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Dear all. 

There were many African records broken at the recent African Championships in Morocco, you can go to the RECORDS page to see the updated...

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Dear all, to see the results of the recent African & Arab Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships in morocco you can go to the RESULTS page.

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